Voice acting demo 2017 Comedy Voice
COntrole COver Goth Song
I dont know Indie Song
Voice acting and music test Comedy Voice
It will be ok Solo Instrument Song
Happy but dumb Solo Instrument Song
Cry baby Solo Instrument Song
Aah Its a bear Experimental Song
Control Cover Goth Song
Boop bop Solo Instrument Song
HELLO cover Pop Song
Dead baby in the car Comedy Voice
Funny voice over Comedy Voice
Dumb Voice acting Comedy Voice

2016 Submissions

Fay Voice test Comedy Voice
Happy walk Ambient Song
Rose for a vampire Ambient Song
So sad it hurts Ambient Song
DA DA DA HU Ambient Song
The unfinished song Experimental Song
Black and blue Goth Song
Boyz Punk Song
Too busy to care Pop Song
No turning back Country Song
Your breaking me Pop Song
What is a man Pop Song
Awkard girl 2 Comedy Voice
awkward girl Demo Comedy Voice
FAY - DEE Demo Reel Voice Demo Voice