More proof of stolen Idea and character

2017-04-21 11:42:48 by willcamick



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2017-04-21 14:35:55

have you read my responses? because i honest to god am not stealing anything

willcamick responds:

WHat is wrong with you. WHat is it you want? I only have 47 fans do you really think this will benafit you in some way? Are you a troll or something? Im showing clear proof that you are copying me and you are still fighting it tooth and nail. Do you feel like no one will ever like your work or something? If so I can relate and I understand but the truth is people will find your stuff and people will like it and prais you on it but if you didt make it your self then it will not feel as good.

Id even be willing to help you make something of your own.


2017-04-21 15:23:18

you say you're showing clear proof, but no you're not since i'm giving you an explanation to verything you accuse me of. but fine. its clear you're not going to believe me, so i mind as well give up trying to convince you i did nothing wrong. but as i already said. the mods have no reason to look into anything if i all i did was tell you the idea.

willcamick responds:

You didt tell me the idea I told you the idea and you told it back to me as if it was your idea. You telling me that its not the same is like me Drawing some one who wears a blue hat with ears and has a green side kick dog named Rake the dog and they go on adventures together. The boys name is Bin and the show is called Jerny Time. Its clearly Adventure time.


2017-04-21 17:20:00

These 2 characters don't look really the same, don't make drama


2017-04-21 19:58:02

@StaticSkull , if you say the mods don't need to look at this problem, they're going to look into it no matter what you say to them.


2017-04-22 00:30:22

@xKirxeee let's assume that these characters don't look the same, does that mean that everything else like the story isn't the same neither? the evidence is right in front of you, bro. this is exactly the same character and story.


2017-04-22 19:43:43

@Justapunnyguy You have to admit, they DOO look similar. The hair style and the shading under the eyes. Not only that, similar reasoning for making of the character, saying shit like "Oh, you got this from david firth? or nah?" then saying "Oh, she was inspired off david firth" KAY and FAY. Obviously a ripoff.


2017-04-22 20:03:55

@raidenslicer yeah, exactly


2017-04-24 14:43:40

Give us a bit of time, but yea, we are indeed looking into this. Both the situation and the user.

willcamick responds:

I would of been fine with it all if he didt repeat my Back story to how Fay came to be, back at me. It was a personal story from my pass and it hurt to see some one trying to glorify it as there own.

I understand parody and inspired work but when he said he made the character as a way to deal with problems at school, A character that just happened to look like mine with the same story, It cut deep with me. Maybe if this person was Troll just doing it for the reaction then at lease there would be some kind of contexts to why. But this person looked at me and basically said he wanted to be me (Didt really say that) Im a nobody and im ok with that but for some one to think being a nobody is worth being confuses the hell out of me.

My life was shit and thats nothing to be proud of.
Im shocked and grateful for the amount of support iv been getting on this. Iv highly underestimated the NG community but to see people stepping in to give there support is really cool. No matter what comes of it I hope this person learns a lesson and maybe im part to blame for putting something so personal to me on the internet.

Lessons learned across the bourd I gess lol.