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Short but funny =) Now if only you WORK HARDER AND FASTER AND GIVE US MORE MORE MOOOOOORE! SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK! WE OWN YOU NOW! that would be super ^_^ Thanks.

aalong64 responds:

Next one will be in less than a month and longer!

WOuld love to see more stuff like this on NG. Its like everyone is trying to out gross each other on this site so its nice to see something simple.

David firth is the king of bizarre. Was unaware he went under the name DOKI though.

Its like "OMG this is going to be good" Then NOPE! I kind of felt kicked in the ball with this one. Amazing animation and flow but short and goofy ending =/

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Im happy to see more gender fucking animations ^o^ But just a heads up you might get some hate comments and death threats o_O People do not like it when gender is not what they think it should be.
Any ways cute cartoon hope to see more and dont let them push you around ^_^

I really did enjoy this but didt care for the creep pasta stuff. The art style and voices were amazing and Id love to see you guys do a real down to earth Charlie brown Ep. Any ways amazing stuff keep up the good work.

Thats really good.

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That Lofi. so chill

IamFayte responds:

Thank you

Cool stuff =D Would be interesting to see how your layers are organized. As a fellow animator I can see a few things that most would not. Id suggest keeping the things that need to move with a part on the same layer, But it could also be a program limitation. Over all It looks really good and I enjoyed the voice acting and music, so good job you guys.

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Wondermeow responds:

Thank you will keep note

Kind regards,


Well im glad you think homophobic slurs are funny. The animation and voice acting is grate but this wont be going in my Monthly Voting pics.

Hi there ^_^ Im Will. I enjoy Animating,Voice acting and creating music. My only goal on this site is to entertain you. I hope you enjoy my content and feel free to follow me to get the up to date info on what ill be making next. Thanks!




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